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viernes, 18 de marzo de 2011

Alex Gomez & Doneyck Chongo (Original Mix)

Chongo is a joint venture, were Alex Gomez & Doneyck team up for the very first time to create this uplifting housie track that is aready being played by most recognised djs world wide.

Alex Gomez & Doneyck Chongo by Doneyck

Soundcloud Doneyck


One Dayis a track that verybody recognises and shakes dance floors to bits!! 

Doneyck One Day (Original Mix) White Minds Records by Doneyck

Doneyck has a very unique way of producing a skill that is second to none, he has now mastered Logic 9 ready to work hard for 2011!!

Doneyck www.doneyck.com


Doneyck; Was born & Raised in the South of Spain, were he was influenced by the style of music which he plays today. Doneyck always had an ear for good music, which he inputs to every set even to this day. Doneycks sets start you off on a mystical journey of deep elegant house then progressing you on to smooth grooving tech house. Doneyck grew up listening to artists like Michael Jackson, Bonnie M, James Brown, Donner Summer & Madonna, That's why his sets are varied from uplifting tech to grooving house.


He was mainly influenced by his close friend Alex Gomez which has had various hits in Beatports Top 10, like EveryBody!! Doneyck has been producing for only a few years but his commitment & dedication to music is what makes his productions sound as good as the guys at the top. Doneyck is back with 2 club smashes ONE DAY & CHONGO, these 2 uplifting tracks are already being played by Djs all over the world, keep posted for all new releases this year by following Doneyck @ www.Doneyck.com.

Doneyck has a huge originality factor in his music and blends the spiciness of music with powerful big melodies and chunky beats!!